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The Gangster is a Bailey of Hollywood® classic. It features a vintage center dent crown and a snap brim in our stiffened wool felt body. The Gangster is fully lined and trimmed with a classic grosgrain bow, a removable feather, and a comfort sweatband. Made in the U.S.A.



The Jett features a classic pork pie crown with a snap brim in our polished stiffened wool felt body. It is classically trimmed with a grosgrain band, removable feather, fully lined with a comfort sweatband.

Jett 1451_BK001_MAINB.jpg
Jett 1451_bk001_main_8.jpg
Gangster 3814_BK001_MAINB.jpg
Gangster 3814_bk001_main_5.jpg
Gangster 3814_WH103_MAIN.jpg
Gangster 3814_CR606_MAINB.jpg
Gangster 3814_DG023_MAIN.jpg
Marnul  Bailey-of-Hollywood-Marnul-army-


Marnul is Bailey's vintage inspired Army Cap. Constructed out of a luxurious velvet cord fabric, this cap is fully lined and finished with a comfort sweatband.

Marnul  25500bh_fr304_main_2.jpg
Marnul  Bailey-of-Hollywood-Marnul-army-


The Headey in LiteFelt® comes with a severe high fashion pince front crown and 2 3/8" snap brim. Wear the brim up or down for two different stylish looks. Finished with a Japanese grosgrain trim and leather detail, along with a removable black duck feather. Comfort sweatband and inside loop for easy hanging. Made in the USA of globally sourced components. LiteFelt(r) finish: a revolutionary process that takes a natural unstiffened premium wool felt hat and treats it with a water repellent and shape retentive proprietary process. LiteFelt(r) products are our best selling finish, combining style and function.

Godfather  3817_CRM_MAIN.jpg
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Godfather  3817_BK001_MAINB.jpg
Godfather  3817_BUR_MAIN.jpg
Langham 25109_DB208_MAIN.jpg
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