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Ms. Emma began her business in the 1940's working out of her home.  As Ms. Emma's business and reputation for quality grew, Ms. Emma had to expand and obtained 402 West main Street as her new place of business and had her Grand Opening of the Ms. Emma's Boutique located at 603 W Main St Rochester, NY.


What made Ms. Emma's Boutique so special, was the way she provided hands on service, expert advice and a well rounded selection of head wear that includes fedoras, newsboy caps, berets and much more.

Men's hats are a passion at Ms. Emma's Men's Boutique. We have trekked the globe in search of the best men's hats in order to make them available to you at the lowest prices. Ms. Emma's Men's Boutique maintains a professional relationship with the top men's hat brands from around the world, such as  Bailey Hats, Stetson, KANGOL, and Montique International. As a result of our love for men's hats, we are able to maintain an impressive inventory of the latest styles and colors to choose from. No matter the occasion, Ms. Emma's Men's Boutique. has the perfect selection of men's hats to suit your needs.

Save your favorite pair of shoes through Ms. Emma's expert shoeshine service. With our shoe shine services we offer deep cleaning, deep polish, ultra buff and weather protection.


Are you looking for women's hats? We have a great selection of those as well.

Visit our store at 603 W Main St Rochester, NY, and enjoy a TRUE hat shop experience.

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